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Building a brand territory that embodies a new era - the Grand Paris era.

A ‘user-centric’ concept designed around tomorrow’s talents

Near the La Défense central business district in Paris, at the heart of an ultra-connected neighbourhood set to host 70 000 visitors every day, The Box is a 3,434 m2 business hub spread across 6 floors and offering a wide range of innovative services designed to help companies evolve and grow their business. As such, The Box aims at welcoming new companies and helping them emerge all whilst attracting the best talent at the heart of this dynamic new neighbourhood.
A challenge that we have decided to be a part of and for which our objective was to create a strong concept that puts the user at the heart of the thought process through a pragmatic and innovative design that delivers added value and attractiveness.

A powerful & innovative brand identity that encourages bold new ways of working

The architectural concept is designed to support a nomadic work environment. Movement flows are categorised into two primary zones, the ‘interior’ zones and the ‘exterior’ zones. As part of this great project, Charlotte+Axel designed the buildings paths & uses and created an innovative brand territory in accordance with the very pop-infused, dynamic, urban and energising graphic thread. The building is named The Box, after the commonly known expression ‘to think outside the box’, thereby invoking the projects strong creative and ‘value-adding’ ambitions.

Smart zoning for optimised flow

The building offers its workers an entire ecosystem of services making The Box a creative venue that encourages exchange and wellbeing in the workplace.
The vibrant and bright Klein blue serves as the primary colour whilst the lemon yellow highlights the interior spaces and the coral red the exterior ones.
A dynamic tone is used to name and describe each zones and service:
– The “work in” zone designates the interior zones (meeting rooms, conciergerie, shops, open spaces, sanitaries, gym, coffee shop, restaurant, break & games room).
– The “work out” zone designates all the exterior zones (carpark, patio, rooftop).
– Each service has its own unique and relevant name.

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Laurent Pruvost
President & CEO Intech

More than a venue, an experience!

A luxurious welcome pack is put together to highlight The Box’s key features, including a general plan, detailed floor plans, a brochure, space planning, film, commercial pitch, virtual visits of the building etc…
The furnishing and decoration are carefully thought out to enhance the sales experience and a contemporary urban & nomadic universe helps anchor the experience in the project’s DNA.

A designer approach that blends wellbeing & efficiency with workplace ‘art-de-vivre’

Much more than just an office building, The Box is a true hub that encourages exchange, creativity and talent growth. A friendly and energising atmosphere fully in line with the exciting Grand Paris dynamic.