IntechHealthcare - Medtech

“We tech care” - a new corporate brand identity for a leading global manufacturer of orthopedic devices.

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, Intech treats itself to a full new brand identity, unifying facilities around the globe

Intech is a worldwide Group and global leader in the manufacture of orthopedic devices. Fuelled by a desire to tackle the industry’s most complex engineering challenges, and a passion for designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art orthopedic devices and implants, Intech’s ambition is to capitalize on its remarkable creative energy to become the go-to manufacturer on the market, through offering innovative solutions, industrial excellence and devotion to others and the environment.

At Intech, we were tasked with creating a new brand strategy and designing a new and innovative corporate brand identity that reflect the Group’s values and disruptive philosophy.

A smart process delivers bright ideas!

We started building the strategic brand platform based both on insights drawn from interviews with internal key figures, and from interactive workshops that involved the client in the creative process. The workshop allows the brand’s stakeholders to express their underlying values as well as their profound ambitions. From there on, we brought all these insights to life through different creative opportunities.

A sharp visual identity

The new name results from the need for a shorter, sharper, catchier more modern name. Intech replaces In’tech-Medical to offer a simpler, more approachable and more ‘onboard’able designation that better suits today’s markets and mindsets.

The new logo boasts a ‘solid’ font to reflect the Group’s stature.

The ‘i’ evokes a human shape illustrating both a very humane Group as well as the men and women who are devoted the bettering the lives of others. The midnight blue ‘tech’ highlights the brand’s premium institutional dimension thereby characterizing the Group’s authority and assertiveness in the field of orthopedic device manufacturing, whilst the neon blue ‘in’ symbolises Intech’s unrelenting energetic, creative and undeniably innovative spirit. Finally, the lower case font represents the Group’s humility, accessibility and flexibility, all of which are part of the Group’s values.

The new tagline accurately embodies the brand’s inherent kindness, benevolence and devotion to others, whilst also cleverly expressing its long-lasting relationship with health sector-related technological innovation. The twist with the common expression ‘take care’ serves to highlight the brand’s innate creative playfulness.

Unifying People Worldwide

Beyond designing a very attractive brand identity, it was crucial to embrace and involve the entire Intech family of brands in order to ensure a unified result. As such, the new brand identity was holistically deployed in its various shapes and forms and across every available support.

Introducing the ‘Intechers’

Designing a new strong employer value proposition was key to bringing resources from around the globe closer together. Creating the ‘Intechers’ identity is one step towards unifying Intech’s 1000-strong workforce present throughout the world.

«A huge thank you to Charlotte and Axel who understood us perfectly, and were 100% spot on. The work they produced for Intech fills us with so much pride.»

Laurent PruvostCEO at Intech

The outcome

Results often speak for themselves. This couldn’t be truer in this case. Intech’s international workforce was immediately on-board with the new identity and instantly identified with the ‘new’ brand from the moment the project was launched. Today, Intech replaces In’tech-Medical, consolidating its various entities to become the third largest manufacturer of orthopedic devices and implants – a market leader ready to take on the challenge of becoming THE go-to manufacturer.