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Capitalizing on design to enhance the user experience and encourage eco friendly behavior on highway service areas.

Giving highway service areas a makeover

Bathroom breaks are the primary reason for which people use highway service areas. It is therefore essential that the user experience, from graphic design all the way to tone of voice, be as appealing and engaging as possible. Taking it a step further, and whilst we’ve got the users’ attention, why not make the most of this makeover and enhanced engagement to encourage environmentally-friendly behavior?
APRR saw the need to deliver both elevated user experience with enhanced eco friendly behavior by means of a fresh new communication campaign.

So that’s what we did.
Using nudge marketing to influence behaviors and establishing a playful concept that elevates the user experience whilst raising environmental awareness, we developed an integrated, optimized and engaging ‘service area experience’.

Genderless bathrooms for optimized flow

By establishing a didactic environmental design throughout the various spaces, we were able to seamlessly streamline flow all whilst boosting the aesthetics. The friendly tone of voice was backed up with some dynamic graphic design and injected a dose of warmth and conviviality in the various spaces whilst efficiently streamlining user flow in the process. We also challenged the traditional Gents/Ladies bathroom layout, bringing added practicality and an enhanced service offer with a ‘family area’ and a ‘beauty break area’. Finally, we designed a vending space offering sanitary essentials such as moisturizing wipes, makeup remover wipes, hand wipes, deodorant, hydroalcoholic gel.

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Catherine VaysseMarketing Manager APRR

Intuitive recycling; it’s so obvious

Blending gaming with recycling, we designed a system of visual codes that provided a playful approach to adopting an environmentally responsible behaviour. Distinctive messages and color-coding draw the user’s attention thereby guiding him or her towards taking the right actions. Each bin has its own color code and message in order to make the process as seamless and intuitive as possible.