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22 Vendome a new brand identity for a luxury Condominium project.

“We wanted the brand identity and model residence to be as unique and luxurious as the address of the property.”

Built in 1702, the Place Vendome is a historic landmark.

It became the home to Opera Garnier in 1875. It is a popular international attraction that brings people together from all over the world. Cesar Ritz opened his hotel at the location in 1898. The secret courtyards open behind the facades of the Place, owners of the most expensive and coveted walls of the capital. Private residents are rare and discreet. People often wait 12 years to live there.

A refined visual identity for one of the most luxurious condo projects in the world.

22 Vendome is a collection of private residences with elevator access. It is a mix of Parisian and contemporary design that highlights exquisite features. In addition to the well planned and intentional design and furniture selection, there is a wide selection of curated art known as The Gallery. From there buyers and prospects can pick the pieces that most speak to their style.

Charlotte+Axel & FrenchCALFORNIA were approached by 22 Vendome to brand the project by highlighting the uniqueness and luxury of the building and its residences.

Our goal was to create branding that drew on the historic importance of the building and area while also featuring the new contemporary changes.

The Place Vendome is inspiring on its own, and we drew inspiration from the building’s surroundings. While Place Vendome is a historic landmark, the residences are postmodern. The juxtaposition of the two has created one of the most stunning and exclusive addresses in the world. We wanted to make sure that the branding matched the unique history and look of the address.

We wanted to bring together the new and old of Place Vendome.

Our goal was to create a logo that fused the past and present, much like 22 Vendome was accomplishing in Place Vendome. This meant that we wanted to draw on history and industry. The 22 is inspired by jewelry and watchmaking so prevalent in the area. It honors what makes Place Vendome so special. The word Vendome pays homage to the residences themselves. It is modern and clean creating a logo that illustrates postmodernism. The branding had to represent both the apartment and Place Vendome so it could work for condominium use, office space, and retail.