We are Charlotte+Axel, a creative agency set up in Paris in 2006 by Charlotte and Axel Traverso - a couple both in life and at work

Our approach is simple, and is empowered by our urge to undertake

Our organisation is made up of a community of 250 creatives, designers, doers, thinkers, crafters. Developing creative solutions that answer the challenges of brands and companies is what we live for, it is our raison d’être. We are creatives and entrepreneurs at heart.

Staying ‘small’ is our strength

Our boutique agency organisation preserves our creative spirit, our passion, our energy, the honest and privileged relationships we entertain with our partners and clients. We are ‘small’ and we are set on keeping that way to protect our freedom and remain faithful to our values.

We think BIG

Everything we do, we do it to death. This wholehearted approach is what we offer our clients. Thinking big is about having a dream and going after it at all cost.

We stand by our convictions and believe in our intuitions

We created our agency without any experience aged 23. Everyone said it would be tricky and that the market was saturated. But we still believed in ourselves. And we still do to this day. Why? Because we know that the experience we offer our clients is unique. We respect all agencies - some we admire - but we have developed our own paths, our own approach.

Our style is the result of an assured biculturalism

Latin in our approach and anglo-saxon in our mindset. Half way between aesthetics and efficiency, between attention to detail and pragmatism. THAT is our entrepreneurial balance.

We don’t believe in excellence

We are a family business. And the family spirit is our first and primary value. Committed, honest, assertive, straight-forward and human, we nurture special relationships with our clients. We do not pretend. We respect our clients, and we love them. Sharing, exchanging and collaborating constantly reinforces our bonds. That is what family is all about.

Passionate about what we do and impassioned by our commitment

Our agency is the story of a lifetime. Our personal and professional spheres come together to make one. Our passions feed our agency and enhance it: the travelling, the family, the encounters, the relationships, the culture, and all the pretty little things,…

«A huge thank you to Charlotte and Axel who understood us perfectly, and were 100% spot on. The work they produced for Intech fills us with so much pride.»

Laurent PruvostCEO at Intech