Charlotte+Axel is an agency founded in Paris in 2006 by Charlotte and Axel Traverso, partners in both love and business.

Their project has been guided by their passion for art, design, brands, travel, architecture, music and all the smallest pretty things.

Like a family office, Charlotte+Axel works exclusively for a few clients whose projects inspire them, in Europe and also in the US with their subsidiary Mancini & Traverso Inc. founded in 2014 and based in New York City.

Brand strategy and design that incorporates a disruptive and comprehensive services approach to emerge a significative and strong brand image is their playground.

Since 2006, they have worked on more than 1000 branding projects including strategy, wording, art direction, production, digital, packaging and many other services. They’re also empowered by strong collaborations with friends and experts.

«A huge thank you to Charlotte and Axel who understood us perfectly, and were 100% spot on. The work they produced for Intech fills us with so much pride.»

Laurent PruvostCEO at Intech

We are empowered by clients in real estate & hospitality, healthcare, luxury and finest craftsmen, food industries, tech and innovative industries.

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